Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Drilling Supervisor Interview Questions

Drilling Supervisor Interview Questions 

1- Introduce yourself and your professional Career as a drilling 
   supervisor ?

2- Specify the latest rig specs you worked on ?

3- As a well site leader, what are daily checks you do usually ?

4- What is Mechanical stuck and how to recognize, how to get free? 

5- How to recognize back-off and how to solve ?

6- How to identify Ring-out Bit ?

7- Risks involved in stinger cementation and how to avoid ?

8- Why we perform drills at rig site ?

9- Tell me about H2S System you have on your rig site ?

10- How to lead a safety meeting for a cement job ?  

11- How to identify Bit Balling, Why it happens, how to avoid and how to solve ?

12- Identify BOP stack on your rig ?

13- What is the purpose of bottom ram ? 

14- In horizontal wells, what is the most critical factor hole cleaning ?

15- What are the best practices before tripping in HPHT wells ?

16- When you should do Koomy unit draw down test and what is the criteria of acceptance ?

17- What is the maximum pull you can apply on string while back reaming ?

18- How can you make QAQC for a directional survey ?

19- What are different types of vibrations, how can you mitigate ?

20- You are drilling 8.5” hole and you had 100 psi gradual decrease in ST pipe pressure, what should you do ?

21- Your office engineer requested you to deviate for Safe well control standards to safe one day operation, what shall you do ?

22- How you manage service hands on site ?

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