The best information in your pocket about oilfield interview

The best information in your pocket about oilfield interview
    This was a Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener. Any idea what happened?
    Sometimes we need a lot of interview questions to be always ready for the interview

    This exam was in one of the personal interviews of one of the oil companies,and we collected many responses that you can read now 
    and benefit from.

    The First Contestant:
    " Not drained properly in the cold? Froze and the expansion blew it? "
    The second Contestant:
    "Wrong type of gas in colder climates. Probably froze and expanded. Usually when you don't use Nitrogen"
    The Third Contestant:
    "That is cast. Must have been damaged during handling or quality issue and that led to the parting when under pressure"
    The Fourth Contestant:
    "The pop off valve didn't work properly or a plug bit may do it "
    Fifth Contestant:
    "If it was filled with oxygen? The bladder would be in outer space.Likely frozen or a valve shut a pop valve not working"
    Sixth Contestant:
    "My guess would be they probably didn't drain it when they left for a few days and it froze and cracked and then when they come back and fired the rig up and when the bladder expanded it finished blowing it out"
    The seventh Contestant:
    "Bag leaked and they were running high pressure cavitation likely gave it away"
    Eighth Contestant:
    "Someone charged the dampener with oxygen instead of nitrogen"
    Ninth Contestant:
    "Maybe Nitrogen cylinder use in filling the pulsation dampener contain some % of Oxygen or the reset gauge not working and over pressure burst the pulsation dampener"
    Tenth Contestant:
    "To much pressure. Pressure hammer. Liquid and air causes pressure hammer.!!"
    Eleventh Contestant:
    "There was no pressure relief valve installed in the line coming from the pump."
    Twelveth Contestant:
    "Water froze and expanded causing the dampener to fracture.".

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    1. Need more info like where they are located weather,current operation,proof info and if in cold weather where do the pop off lines go on their way to the pits.this is why they investigate thes kinda
      Things as it could just be fatigue on an old part that was past time to be replaced...