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Drilling and Well Completion Handbook

Book NameDrilling and Well Completion Handbook
Language: English
Size: 20 MB
Number of pages: 208 Pages
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What is Drilling fluid?
- Drilling Mud Composition.
- Mud Rheology.

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 Functions of a Drilling Fluid

• Hole Cleaning • Pressure Control • Suspend Solids
• Minimize Formation Damage 
• Isolate Fluids from Formation • Cooling and Lubrication

Types and Importance of Different Drilling Fluid

• Water-Based Fluids • Saltwater Drilling Fluids 
• Polymer Drilling Fluids • Oil-Based Fluids 

- Mud Testing.
- Drilling Mud Composition
- Clay Chemistry and Structure
- Mud Chemistry 
Well Completion & Perforation



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