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Top Golden Tips to prepare you for Schlumberger Interview.

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Here we are providing you with some information about hiring interviews in Schlumberger and how to be prepared for that.

Fortunately, one of my friends had the chance to interview a newly hired wireline engineer from Schlumberger. Mainly it was about hiring interviews in Schlumberger and this information would be very useful for anyone who is interested in oil industry jobs.


If you don’t know Schlumberger, it’s the largest upstream service company in the oil industry. It has all oil field specialist services as formation evaluation, MWD, LWD, wireline logging, directional drilling, oil well cementing, fracturing, etc. 
Schlumberger is the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the global energy industry.

Not just “a job”.

Schlumberger employees 100,000 people representing 140 different nationalities with products, drilling, operations, sales and services in more than 120 countries.

Do not worry, Schlumberger is an equal opportunity employer (Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans). Schlumberger recruits, employ, train, compensate and promote without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local law.
All employment is determined on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

Benefits: Vacation Pay, Health insurance, Dental and vision plan, Prescription drug plan, Life insurance, Short-term disability,401 (k) profit-sharing savings plan, Incentive programs, Tool purchase programs, Tradesmen International is an EO employee - M / F / Veteran / Disability.

Employees don’t just have “a job”, they have CAREERS they are proud of!.

What kind of people is Schlumberger looking for?

Schlumberger always wants engineers who have the ability to manage a business in a professional and effective way. 

Each position needs a different set of skills, but Schlumberger generally looks for candidates with the ability to change and aspire to the best and the ability of teamwork.

As well as work under pressure in difficult circumstances and adapt to sensitive situations and the environment surrounding the workplace.
The enthusiasm to work and highlight your best as well as understanding and contributing among employees to achieve the greatest goal and here we talk about customer satisfaction and the achievement of tasks accurately in performance.
Your interviewer should feel that you have all these qualities, abilities and possibilities even if you do not own them.

Candidates will be asked how they should provide sufficient and professional services to the clients and how they would act in personnel drops and if employees are not enough qualified or not performing well.
As an engineer, you should be enough motivated even in hard and stressful situations.

The interview stages

So there are the interview stages in Schlumberger: 

-First, you should introduce yourself in English and talk about your strengths and weaknesses and why you are interested in the position you are applying for.

-Second, all candidates will be divided into groups and do a group project. Each group should have a volunteering project manager and we recommend you to show your leadership skills and enthusiasm by volunteering yourself as the project manager as it will increase your probability to be hired

-Third, you will meet the Schlumberger HR manager. This stage is important and you are advised to present yourself in a professional way and to make a good impression with all fluency and accuracy in the selection of words. This is to test your appearance and your outer shape as well. you should appear in a polite and well-organized form. First, general questions then, you will be asked to explain a hard situation and how you handled it showing your problem solving and crisis management skills.

-Finally, you will get a field exposure. It’s the last stage but it’s very important as you will see how the work is done in the location.
In this stage, you have to ask as many questions as you can trying to know if the job is fitting you or not so you can accept it or reject the offer. Rejection of the offer is not bad, it is a win for both sides. You also should know that you will be monitored and evaluated throughout the field exposure.

There were the four stages of the interview that if you pass, you will be hired as a trainee engineer.

The last advice to you is to be direct, comfortable, and confident that you are the best of you. Be confident in yourself to give the interviewer confidence and demonstrate your entitlement to the task.
If you don't understand a question, ask to have it repeated. Most importantly, be yourself. Best of luck with the interview!

And how can you be prepared and pass the Schlumberger interview? 

- The English language is a must, so you should make sure that your language is excellent especially in speaking and listening.

- Leadership is the most important skill that the company is looking for, so you should show it as much as you can through expressing yourself and your skills.

- Always show that you are eager to learn and enthusiastic for more challenges.

- You must have sufficient knowledge of Schlumberger and many information about the oil and gas industry through the news or company website

- You should have all general requirements which vary for each position like High school diploma- formal military training-Bachelor degree (engineering or technical discipline) - Master’s degree or PhD (engineering or technical discipline) - 3-year college or university diploma (engineering or technical discipline).

Finally, the best advice in the interview and in general, be yourself don't lie.

Important For all students looking for an internship and all candidates looking for a job: Use this application process to apply and submit your resume.

Hope this article will be useful for you if you are interested in a job in Schlumberger.

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The author wishes everyone a happy experience and good luck.